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Multi-fandom role play (rping) game.
This is the role-play journal for the Behind the Glass game.

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Application Information
application, backstory, concept, questions, taken and held muses (not in this order)

Taken & Held Characters

General Information

Questions? Please click on the link below and post them there:

Useful Information:
(Some elements are purposefully repeated.)


Backstory and concept developed from the following quote:


Characters ...

...Deceased in Cannon
It's generally better to keep a character dead if they died in their mythology; we can work around that if a player feels strongly about a deceased muse from a fandom.

Limits are determined on a case-by-case basis. If the player (not on hiatus) keeps four active muses in the game, he/she may have more than four, once they have been active in the game for approximately four weeks.

All characters must appear in literature, or the movies (any type of media). For those characters having more than one genre (print/movie/tv) may have that number of muses in the community. I'm limiting at two muses. A player may have up to four active characters at one time.

Fandom Location and Mythology -

Game Entry,Location(s) and Mythology

Mirror Symbolism

The moderators will not do activity checks; we all have responsibilities outside of this community. You either want to play or you don’t. In order to keep multiple characters, you must have four active characters at a time, unless you are on hiatus.


Using plot arcs usually keeps a community active and healthy. As the expert on your character, you do not have to have permission for the things you chose to do to/with your character(s), as long as the personal character arc does not affect the community.

Generally, community-wide plots are posted by a moderator, who will use either one of the two plot device journals. Players may use the apple, to enhance any specific thread.

When community-wide plots are in place, any player may chose to ignore them as long as no other characters are affected.

... Devices
These journals are use to move the plot forward. Only moderators use 'theshard' journal, while any player may use the apple journal.


Muse Journals and NPCs:
These community-wide muse journals are available for anyone to use, on a temporary basis, to help with posting and/or plot, instead of using non-played characters. If you feel more comfortable writing an NPC (or referring to one in your thread) feel free to do that instead.

Side/Sidekicks & Villains:
The Good Guys (girls and animals)

The Big Bads

Shades of grey characters

Simply put, Play Nice

Once again ...

The application is the entry post to the community. Applicants will apply in the application journal. Once approved a moderator will post your application link in the game community, for invited players, a moderator will post a link to their first post from the game community into the application community.

Anyone wishing to play is welcome to apply.


Taken & Held Characters

This is an adult-content community; players under the age of 18 are not allowed.

Relationships: Family/Friends/Romantic
Relationships are developed, not mandated; unless a familial sexual relationship is cannon to a particular verse, it is not allowed in this game.

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Fandom Resources

This journal is a community journal for a role-playing game. The characters and locations belong to the show creators and the related sources involved in producing a book, graphic novel, movie or television show.

I did not create the graphics used, I only manipulated them. I found everything at Disney and/or HBO. I do not take credit for the beautiful work of the professionals.

We are just fans with too much time on our hands.
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