April 17th, 2013

the killer in me

there is always a crack in the glass

Mythology: N/A
Location: The Queens Chamber
Who: Buffy Summers, The Shard

She stood over the ruins of the city with the wind whipping through her hair. Buffy took in a deep breath and closed her eyes, imagining a gust of wind to push her over the edge. It was times like this that brought her back to a night and a battle so many years ago. A battle that surrendered her to heaven and an end to the world she knew.

After moments on contemplation Buffy moved from her perch and headed towards the open window of her bedroom. There was something about the cool night air in a ruined city. It smelled like stillness, death, sorrow; things Buffy had been familiar with since she turned fifteen and a man told her she had a destiny.

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In a moment of weakness, or perhaps it was strength, she moved to her dresser. The faces of her friends, lovers, family stared back at her. Tiny reflective surfaces showed through a picture of her and the scooby's. A bitter smile slid onto her lips and she reached up to trace her sister's face.

When her fingertip slipped to the edge of the dirty beveled mirror behind the picture she felt a icy-hot feeling run down her arm, sucking her into a blissful ignorance.

The only thought that cross Buffy's mind as she was pulled behind the mirror was ... heaven. It was a stark, cold, reality to open her eyes and find herself not bathed in the white warm glow she could barely grasp now. Instead she found herself on a cold stone floor.