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Mirror, mirror on the wall, where the heck am I now? behindaglass

Location: The Queens Chamber
Who: Sookie Stackhouse, Theshard

“Pam,” Sookie interrupted impatiently, grasping the phone tighter. “Pam,” she tried again, frustration wrapping around her southern accent as she again repeated the woman’s name.
Leaning against the door jam, this young fairy hit the back of her head against the wooden wedge; a dull thud answered each calculated movement.

"No, Pam, I ... ", the blonde began only to be cut off just as she had before.

‘Geez,’ she silently murmured, as she wrapped her left arm along her waist, to support to her left arm and hand, so she could talk on her cell phone. Thumb almost touching her cheek, the four remaining fingers gripped the other side of her phone.

“I'm about to, ... “, Sookie informed the phone, that might as well be what she was doing, Pam didn't seem to hear her.

“Nooo,” she replied, stretching out the one-syllable word into four. “Fine,” Sookie snapped, “I’ll be there in a minute. I’ll,” stopping in mid sentence; waiting for the constant interruptus Pam to finish her current sentence; all Sookie could do was shake her head. Exchanging one hand for the other, the cell was now in her left hand. This was better. Pointing and waving, somehow she was able to let Arlene and Layfette know she was leaving.

The short walk to her car took forever. Robotically, she unlocked the car, opened the door and slid into the seat.

“Pam,” she cut off Eric’s child sharply. “There’s some post-it note on my rear-view mirror,” she observed out loud. “Depends,” Sookie answered after a few moments, ‘on who it’s from, I can't believe you didn't know that.” Now the telepathic barmaid’s voice rang with an annoyed tone. “Just a sec ... “was all she could manage with her startled voice.

Just as she was reaching forward, the car moved, causing her fingertips to brush the mirror.
Before she could blink her eyes, her body relaxed into a blissful weightless state, she was pulled behind the mirror.

All the nerve-endings on her arm fired giving her an icy warm tingling on all of her skin. Sookie Stackhouse had never felt quite this good, it was so blissfully sensual and yet innocent she craved more. By the time she blinked the third time, her body lay in a heap on the cool castle floor.
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